Cool Snowman Family going on a Blockchain Journey

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Welcome to the Cool Snowman Universe

Each Cool Snowman NFT is made 1 by 1 and will never be duplicated. Our Cool Snowman NFTs come equipped with Snowman Support for our Artist members. We have an Avalanche Program for our Collectors. Rewards through loyalty commissions, airdrops, contests, and an invitation to our Cool Snowman Family which includes many more cool treats. Our Team is hard at work to bring our NFT holders the ultimate experience. Updates to the project will be posted on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, Instagram, and the Cool Snowman NFTs Website. Accessories, Vehicles, Cool Treats, Snow Pets, Snowman Punks, and many more Cool Snowman NFTs are yet to arrive. Updates for real use (gaming, passive Income and NFT staking) and Our Snowman Token will be coming soon as well stay tuned! Many Cool Adventures are on the way so gear up on Cool Snowmen.




The snowman team


NFT and crypto HODLer, artist and creator in chief

Opulent has been in the crypto and NFT market for years, has seen many projects succeed and fail, and now wants to bring new value to NFT holders with his artwork through this project!


The feminine touch, social manager and legal in chief

Windy comes from a legal background. She's a core member to the project and is excited to socialize with our holders via all of our social media platforms!


Stock market & crypto YOLOer, tech support in chief

HTTPHeader has worked at multiple Fortune 500 companies as a cyber defender, has been in the crypto markets since 2014, and is excited to contribute his technical experience to this project by adding as much value to holders as possible!